Saturday, July 6, 2013

Singam II Movie Review

After the grand success of singam in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. Part 2 of Singam now hit the screens with lot of hope in Suriya and Sun Pictures. Sun pictures already scaring peoples with “Vaangale” “oru Payalum Thappa mudiyathu” promotions. Will this movie able to break the unwritten fate of Part 2 failure cinemas in kollywood ? Stay on for the review.


Suriya a resigned police officer as per Part 1, working as a NCC master in a school at Tutcorin , but he secretly spying for government in smuggling case happening at Tutcorin Harbor , he took back the khaki cap at a fine day and starts jumping, shouting, punching, chasing all those 4 villains. Then you may ask what about Hansika, Anushka and all.

Ya they are all there, Hansika, Anushka shares 10 min of screen and 1,2 duets respectively. Santhanam took 10 minutes, and others appeared once in a screen to say Present sir. In a 2 hours 47 minutes movie almost 90 % suriya only coming, going, fighting, doing. If u still want detailed story please go to theatre.

What Worked:

It’s one man show only, Suriya ‘s dedication in acting keeps the story ticking till end, Director hari did a good job in screen play, Camera and Editing is crispier.

What Didn’t :

Dsp’s music isn’t that much good, he just used singam part 1 music that’s it, what DSP less salary ? The amount of Noises, Punch dialogues, Shoutings, Fightings, Jumpings in the movie makes you feel that world is too peace once you came out of the theatre. If some other did this instead of suriya people would have thought those actions scenes are comedy scenes. As like all commercial movies this one also has no Logic point, what is logic, half Kg Logic is 100 rs ? hari may ask. Also what is the point of jumping 5 feet high whenever hero going to chase villain. Even hero knows the South African street route better than their cops, also ‘this may Indian Cop style’ dialogues are too too much.


Ya there will be a remake ready for Ajay Devgan and Sudeep we think, because you can watch this movie only for Suriya and Action Sequences. We give 3.2 stars for this complete 3 hours action package.

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